Bringing Real Bean-to-Cup Vending Machines to the Global Stage

Espresso Essential burst upon the world stage back in 2003, just 9 short years ago. Their motto, “coffee for life”, is not just a catchy sound-bite, it is their raison d'être. It espouses their philosophy, and their business ethic – bringing great tasting coffee to coffee lovers all over the world through the sale or leasing of their award winning real bean-to-cup automatic vending machines.

The first Espresso Essential business operation launch took place in Australia, as a new part of the Essential Brands Group, and demand spread rapidly, leading to the opening of additional operations in New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Espresso Essential are so successful, not just because their real bean vending machines are unique in the coffee world, with their bean ripping as opposed to bean grinding operation, (an operation that experts agree brings more flavour to the cup); they are hugely successful because: they offer the best deals in the marketplace - deals that allow businesses and high street retailers the opportunity to make a good profit by offering their employees, and/or members of the public, fantastic tasting coffee.

Bean-to-Cup Vending Machines

These bean-to-cup vending machines are so simple to operate that no special training is needed. They can be operated either by members of staff, or by members of the public direct. Because Espresso Essential also supply the consumables, which have been specially formulated using only 100% natural ingredients, they not only make the best tasting cups of coffee, but they keep the need for maintenance down to the absolute minimum.

It was only 1 year after their inaugural launch in Australia that Espresso Essential opened up shop here in the UK. It meant that their unique automatic vending machines were now available in Europe, arguably the coffee drinking capitol of the world. By being present at Venditalia, Europe’s premier vending machine exhibition, they keep their profile high, and expand their theatre of operations even further.

Global Presence

Whereas Australasia has been used to drinking fabulous tasting coffee for many decades, the UK has until fairly recently, been a nation of instant coffee drinkers. But having now awoken to the delights of real coffee through outlets such as Starbucks, and Cafe Nero, the great British public are now no longer content to put up with the lame tasting coffee that most traditional instant coffee vending machines offer, either at work, or in shops, petrol stations, gymnasiums and the like.

And now, through the great range of real bean-to-cup vending machines that Espresso Essential have brought to the UK and European market, for sale, for rent, or for lease, many more businesses such as hairdressers, beauty parlours, sandwich bars, delicatessens, sports clubs etc, can make a profitable business out of offering their clientele a superb cup of coffee, or luxury chocolate.

From their humble beginnings on the other side of the world in Australia, through their passion for great tasting coffee, and the best in class automatic coffee vending machines they offer, Espresso Essential is now a force to be reckoned with on this side of the Atlantic, and who knows? Maybe they’ll appear on the other side of The Pond in due course too!

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