Who Uses Espresso Essential's Coffee Machines?

Espresso Essential is always pleased to hear from its customers. We are featuring some of our customers on the pages to the right. Find out what made them choose Espresso Essential machines over other coffee machines, then contact us to discuss your requirements.

A coffee machine can be provided to your customers or staff as a service to them or it can become a profit centre for your business. Our coffee machines have a unique selling point:
  •  They provide great tasting coffee (thanks to their freshly ripped beans) and are simple to operate (thanks to the freeze dried fresh milk and one touch system)
This makes them ideal for office, leisure centre and business use where coffee is not the main raison d'etre for being there. Staff are still able to focus on customers without having to spend hours making coffee.  Busy restaurants, cafes and coffee shops can also benefit from our easy to use coffee machines which leave staff free to serve customers well.