Pubs, Clubs and Bars Discuss our Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Pubs, clubs and bars benefit from our bean to cup and pod coffee machines. Their robust build, reliability and ease of use mean that no matter how busy your establishment is, the coffee machine will cope easily and you can get on with great customer service.


The Wheatsheaf Pub, Hatfield Peverel

The Wheatsheaf pub and restaurant is based in Essex and recently bought one of our reconditioned Platinum machines. The pub serves a variety of locally sourced food. All the fish comes from Lowestoft, meat is from the butcher in the next door village and all veg come from the local area.

Len Fryer, the owner, told us that he had an old coffee machine that had come to the end of its life time and just wasn't cost effective any more. He wanted something that was reliable and robust and he chose an Espresso Essential machine because it offered precisely these qualities.

"It is extremely reliable, people love the coffee and its great for us as staff members too. Its easy to clean and maintain, is much more profitable than the previous machine and the consumables are all delivered on time."

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The Wheatsheaf

The Wheatsheaf Pub


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