Restaurants Choose Espresso Essential Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Espresso Essential automatic bean to cup coffee machines are ideal for busy restaurants. They are easy for staff to use, deliver delicious coffees fast and are thoroughly reliable. However, you don't need to take our word for it. Read what our customers say here.

Eastern Eye Restaurant in Bath

The Eastern Eye is a unique Indian restaurant that occupies an impressive Georgian building in the heart of Bath. The restaurant has continuously been recognised for its high quality food and service and has recently been awarded South West Best Restaurant and English Curry Award. With a vast choice of individually prepared Indian dishes, the restaurant uses recipes you don't always find elsewhere as well as all the usual favourites.  

We are delighted that the Choudhurys chose one of our coffee machines to compliment their excellent cuisine. M. Choudhury told us:

"We weren't happy with our old coffee machine and wanted one that could cope with large numbers of coffees being made at a time and one that did lots of different types of coffees all in one. The machine from Espresso Essential was just right. It does latte, cappuccino, black and white coffees, hot water for tea and more, so it does everything we need. 

It is very profitable for us and the service from Espresso Essential has been very good. We are very pleased with it." 

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The Eastern Eye website

The Eastern Eye website 

Burger King, Yate, South Gloucestershire

Maxine Ball, the manager at Yate's Burger King, told us,

"Our Espresso Essential machine serves coffee fast and reliably - something that is essential when we hit our busy hours. Having said that, every morning we have five ladies choose to come and have coffee with us rather than the cafe next door. I don't think they would do that if our cappuccinos didn't taste good!"

With a recommendation like this, why not take a look at our largest machine, The Compagno which you see in the picture to the right? It serves two cups of coffee at a time or up to 200 cups per hour, ideal for fast food restaurants but with the same great taste every time.


Maxine Ball at The Burger King, Yate