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Automatic coffee machines for School and Colleges

Pamper your staff, students and visitors with great tasting coffee!

Espresso Essential’s bean to cup and pod coffee machines prepare dark, rich coffees and frothy hot chocolate that will perk up your educational establishment to perfection! They offer up to 11 different drink options, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino and many more. There is even hot water for teas.

Espresso Essential is experienced at supplying coffee machines to meet your school's needs.

Quick and easy to use

You will find Espresso Essential's automatic coffee machines easy to operate, due to the one touch automated system.   All the coffee machines deliver wonderful hot drinks in under 25 seconds, making a quick coffee break possible for staff, students or visitors.   Cleaning is a breeze with no daily milk unit cleaning.

All teenage students, including those with special needs, can operate, clean and maintain these machines so they are ideal for training purposes and are already used in school cafes where children are provided with work experience opportunities or for working towards qualifications in catering. We supply coffee machines and consummables to special schools, secondary schools and post 16 colleges and universities.

Economical on your pocket

What's more, these machines won't break the bank.   Espresso Essential has a variety of payment methods to suit your budget. They can also be used to cut waste in staff rooms and cantines. The coffee and chocolate is measured carefully and there is no spillage of consumables. The machines come with coin or token operation or as a free vend machine if you want to provide coffees free to your visitors.

Easy installation

You can site our coffee machines anywhere on your premises. There are machines that operate with a water container on the back for placing in areas where there is no access to mains water and other machines that can be plumbed into the mains supply. You can put your coffee machine in:

  • a school run coffee shop
  • catering classrooms
  • staff rooms
  • parent rooms
  • cantines
  • reception areas
  • 6th form blocks
  • student communal areas

Espresso Essential’s automatic coffee machines are already operating in schools like yours throughout the UK so don't delay ... use the box on the right to tell us how many cups of coffee you need per hour and we will show you the correct machine for you.


Select how many drinks you serve per hour so that we can recommend the right machine for you.



Autumn coffee offerOrder by 31st March to claim your first 500 drinks free!