Consumables for Coffee Vending Machines

Espresso Essential supply all the necessary consumables to accompany its
bean to cup coffee vending machines.   These include:

A range of coffee beans, including rain forest alliance and fair trade products for producing rich, smooth coffees.  Our most popular coffee beans are 100% Arabica from Columbia's finest plantations.  Available in 1kg air sealed foil packs (6 in a box). As we roast our own beans, their freshness is guaranteed. You can even order your own blend! Click to read more about the benefits of buying our coffee beans and  the types of coffee drinks available from our machines.

Bag of Coffee Beans


Real gourmet chocolate for a dreamy, hot chocolate drink

 Bag of Real Chocolate

Milk powder  -  made from 99% fat free milk for real milk taste; unsurpassed taste from a powdered milk; great for those on a diet and specially created to produce a great crema

 Bag of Milk Powder

Sugar twists  - for those with a sweet tooth!

 Sugar Twists

Coffee stirrers – help your customers or staff mix sugar and chocolate just the way they like it


Stirrers and Sugar

Paper cups and lids – we deliver insulated ripple cups that keep the heat from the coffee in the cup and away from the drinker’s hands. The lids provide the perfect solution for take away coffees

 Insulated Paper Cups

China mugs – create the right impression with china cups and for those with an eye on the environment, help save wasted paper  


Point of sale products - menus, posters, flags etc. to help you promote coffee sales


Easy Ordering of Consumables

It is easy to order your coffee vending machine consumables through our dedicated 24 hour telephone line. We deliver free and your order arrives within 48 hours via DHL.


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