Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Espresso Essential not only provides you with reliable, efficient coffee vending machines, we also provide all the coffee beans, chocolate and milk powder needed to go into those machines.

Our roast coffee beans are freshly roasted every two weeks, packaged immediately and delivered to customers within 48 hours by DHL delivery. Our customers benefit from:
  • a blend of top quality coffee beans (robusta and arabic beans from Kenya, Brazil and India)
  • guaranteed fresh beans - our fortnightly roasting programme means that the beans you receive are never more than two weeks old
  • a range of roasts - the beans are roasted from 30-35 minutes giving you a choice of medium to rich roasts
  • destoned coffee beans - our coffee roasting machine destones the coffee beans, which is not done by all coffee roasters. This means that the ripping/grinding mechanism in your coffee machine is protected, lasts longer and requires very little maintenance
  • the option of your own blend and roast - if you require a specific blend or roast, please contact us (subject to volumes required)
  • vacuum packaging - freshness is also guaranteed thanks to our unique bags that feature a one-way breathing hole that allows the beans to breathe without allowing oxygen into the bag which would result in the beans becoming stale
  • easy re-ordering via our 0800 number
Bag of coffee beans
A bag of coffee beans
Coffee Roaster at Espresso Essential
Our coffee bean roasting machine


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