Gourmet coffee and hot chocolate 

Choose from a wide range of delicious drinks from Espresso Essential

At the touch of a button our machines give you a great selection of hot drinks.

All our coffee machine milk is 99% fat free.

The Espresso - short and long

Espresso is a concentrated coffee, made by forcing very hot water through ground coffee beans at high pressure.  The coffee is characterised by its thick consistency and crema that floats on the surface.  For the connoisseur....


The word "cappuccino" comes from the Italian word for a hood as worn by monks; the link with the coffee being the frothy "hood" on the surface of the drink.  Traditionally made with one third espresso and two-thirds frothy milk, an Espresso Essential Cappuccino is made with 98% fat-free milk, so making it a healthy choice.  Finish off with a sprinkle of chocolate or cinnamon, as you prefer.


Literally Italian for "milk" and is short for "Cafe Latte." A latte is made with one third espresso and two thirds milk with a layer of frothy milk on top.   The Italians drink this in the morning but as we are not in Italy you can drink it any time of day...


A cafe latte with the addition of chocolate.  Or for those of you familiar with the US, this is a "cafe mocha".  What a combination for you chocolate lovers....

Flat white

A latte made with one third espresso but without the froth on top.  This drink was popularised in Australia and New Zealand.

Double Shot Flat White

A latte made with one third espresso plus an extra shot for extra kick.   No froth on top, just like the flat white.

Chocolate Latte

Made with smooth chocolate and hot milk, but no coffee, this is a delicious chocolate drink to warm you on those duller days!

Gourmet Chocolate

Our premium quality gourmet chocolate is smooth and rich in flavour to satisfy every chocoholic -  Sensational!


Everyone knows that you can't make a decent cup of tea from a machine.  So we give you boiling hot water so that you can make one yourself with a tea bag or tea leaves in a mug or tea pot.  English Breakfast, Earl Grey, fruit tisane...we leave the choice and brewing to you.

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