Coffee Machine Milk for Espresso Essential Machines

We've created our own milk that is specifically designed for our coffee machines. There is no compromise on taste; every cup is pure and creamy and bares no comparison to other powdered milks on the market. For those looking for fresh milk taste, a great crema on cappuccinos, lattes and chocolates and a non barista machine, you can't go wrong.

To produce this milk powder, fresh milk is skimmed, concentrated, sterilised and dried which produces a totally bacteria free semi instant powder with long life keeping. Because the milk is bacteria free and the coffee machine carries out an automatic rinse of the mixer unit, you do not have to clean your machine on a daily basis, a major advantage over other machines on the market. Once a week cleaning maintains high hygeine standards with all our bean to cup coffee machines.

Our premium milk:
  • Is made from real milk
  • Is 99% fat free
  • Is quality assured, this milk is bacteria free
  • Is high in calcium and protein
  • Makes your coffee machine easy to maintain