Espresso Essential Automatic Coffee Machine In Golf Club

Coffee Machines for Golf and Sports Clubs

Site the machines where you need them

Your clients want a quick coffee after their sports activity. The queue at the café or bar is huge and they don’t have time to wait.  What do they do? That’s right they leave, without spending the extra pound or two on the coffee. Espresso Essential coffee machines can be positioned anywhere as they can be plumbed to the mains or operate with a water container.  You can  site them in your café, but they can also be situated in a less busy area - to cater for the group of Mums outside the creche or the business professional due at a meeting in an hour’s time.

Top quality coffee and hot drinks

Espresso Essential’s automatic coffee machines serve delicious coffees quickly. With up to 11 different drink options there is something for everyone; rich, dark espressos, frothy cappuccinos and light lattes. Thanks to the quality of the ingredients used in Espresso’s machines, the coffees taste just like the barista coffees we all love.

For those clients watching their weight, most of our coffee machines use 98% fat free milk. There is even hot water for teas. All your clients will be delighted and your business will benefit from their custom.

Coffee machines that makes good business sense

Your coffee machine becomes a profit centre for your club, enabling you to concentrate on your clients.   Watch your profits grow: £500 per month if you sell over 20 cups of coffee per day. At over 70 cups a day, your profit rises to £2000 per month, based on a recommended retail price of £1.50 per cup.

Espresso Essential’s automatic coffee machines are already operating in sports clubs like yours throughout the UK so don't delay...use the box on the right to tell us how many cups of coffee you need per hour and we will show you the correct machine for you.


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