Bar Coffee Machines

Coffee machines for bars are usually of three different types:

  • free vend coffee vending machines
  • barista espresso coffee machines
  • filter or cafetière coffee makers

The advantages and disadvantages associated with each can be described as follows:

Coffee vending machines for bars

  • Coffee vending machines can be operated behind the bar by staff or be situated front of house for customer self service. They operate free vend or with coin slots.
  • They deliver a wide range of coffee choices, matched to your customers’ needs – espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, etc. The coffees can taste nearly as good as a barista machine, depending on the model bought – bean to cup machines with milk powder made from 100% milk are a good bet.
  • Deliver consistent coffees without elaborate staff training
  • Are quick to use
  • Are easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Generally have cheaper running costs than a barista coffee machine

Barista espresso coffee machines

  • Produce the best tasting coffees, but often at a premium price
  • Require trained members of staff to operate them
  • Will require a dedicated member of staff during busy periods
  • Require daily cleaning when fresh milk is used
  • Cannot be operated by customers

Filter coffee makers and cafetieres

  • Undoubtably the cheapest option for bars
  • Can be left front of house or used behind the bar by staff.
  • The coffee does not have the same intense flavour that a good quality vending machine or barista machine offer
  • The coffee can become “tired”, if left sitting for a long time on the hot plate


Questions to consider when purchasing a coffee machine for your bar.

  1.  Who are your clientele? Are they willing to pay a premium for delicious coffee? Do your customers have time to wait for their coffee?
  2.  What level of staffing do you operate? It is unfair to ask a member of staff to serve drinks, operate the coffee machine, wait at tables and run the cash till all at once during busy periods. Choose a bar coffee machine which they can operate easily, or place customer self serve coffee in the bar or dedicate a member of staff to running the coffee machine.
  3.  Where is the water supply? Coffee vending machines can be mains water plumbed or have a water container. Espresso machines generally have a water tank.
  4.  What payment options does your supplier offer? Leasing, rental or outright purchase? Your choice here can significantly improve cash flow through your business
  5. Will your bar coffee machine be profitable?  Espresso Essential offer a great business model based on leasing over 1-5 years and a recommended retail price of £1.50 per cup which results in profits after only three cups per day are sold.  
  6.  What support is there from your supplier if the bar coffee machine breaks down?
  7. How quickly can your bar coffee machine supplier deliver, install and train your staff?

Espresso Essential specialise in coffee vending machines for bars and restaurants where staff are required to focus on serving customers or where businesses want customers to be able to serve themselves. Espresso Essential coffee vending machines produce delicious espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolates quickly.   We have already installed bar coffee machines in golf clubs, coffee bars, cafés, fast food restaurants and play centres throughout the UK.

Contact Espresso Essential today to find out more about bar coffee machines.