Choosing the Right Office Coffee Machine

Espresso Essential offer a range of office coffee vending machines.   We supply coffee machines to suit offices with over 10 staff and are passionate about making life easy for our customers.



What to look for in an office coffee machine.


1. Think about why you want an office coffee machine

  • Do you want to show your customers and staff how much you appreciate them?  Then provide free coffees as part of your service to them - look for models that operate free vend and deliver a range of different coffees.
  • Do you want to save time on staff coffee breaks and increase office efficiency?  Look for machines that operate quickly but still provide good quality coffees – 25 seconds is the minimum time it takes to brew great tasting coffees.
  • Do you want an extra income stream?  In this case, look for machines with coin and card slots and a supplier who offers point of sale leaflets etc to help you boost sales.

2. Type and size of office coffee machine

Depending on the size of your office, you may need a smaller or larger coffee machine.  Decide on whether you want a simple filter coffee machine or a machine that offers a range of coffees from espresso to cappuccino, to cater for everybody.  Many suppliers now offer advice and support to help you decide which to buy – contact them and ask! 


3. Coffee that your staff will enjoy

The best tasting coffees always come straight from bean to cup.  Provide a bean to cup coffee machine if you can.  They are now available with coin slots or free vend so you can provide for staff and customers as you wish.   The best beans come from South America and Italy and should be freshly roasted to deliver best taste.


4. Quality machines

Well built coffee machines always work best for office locations, leaving the staff free to concentrate on office business.   Look for coffee machine models that are quick and simple to use, easy to clean and maintain and come with training and tasting demonstrations.  That way you can be sure of the quality of machine you are receiving


5. Consider the location of the coffee machine at your office

  • Can it be plumbed to a water supply or will it need an in-built water container?  Look for a supplier who can offer both options. 
  • Is there space for your office coffee machine on a counter top, or does it have to be free standing?   Find out if your supplier offers models for both situations.

6. A supplier with a good reputation

Look for an office coffee machine supplier with a track record. 

  • Ask for testimonials or check out their website.  
  • Check your supplier can restock the machine and repair or maintain it reliably.
  • Is there an after sales service to make your life easy?    
  • Ask if your supplier offers a range of purchase and lease options – find the option that suits your situation

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