Coffee Machine Suppliers – what to look for

Espresso Essential is a coffee machine supplier that specialises in real bean coffee vending machines.   As a reputable international coffee machine supplier we provide an end to end service.

However, not all coffee machine suppliers or machine distributors are the same, so we have put together a short checklist of what you should be looking for from a coffee machine supplier.

A range of quality coffee machines that:

  • suits your business' needs and offers the range of drinks your customers demand

  • are reliable so that you can get on with running your business.  You should get a minimum of 12 months warranty.

  • are easy and quick to operate, clean and maintain.  Are you prepared to clean the machine every day or would you prefer a weekly cleaning cycle?

  • are stylish.  Coffee and style go together don't they?

Great tasting coffees and hot drinks

Look for a supplier that offers a range of consumables - coffee (real roasted beans naturally), hot chocolate, milk, sugar - that are suitable for the machine and have a consistent quality and taste.  Check how you need to order them and the delivery times and costs.

A tasting demonstration is a must to help you to verify the quality of the coffee machine you are buying - ask your supplier if they offer this at your premises.

After sales support

Ask how your coffee machine supplier will provide an after sales service and any cost associated with it.  Is it provided by the manufacturer itself or by a distributor or agent?

A good supplier offers the following benefits to its customers:

  • Regionally-based centres allowing prompt, personalised support (none of us likes call centres do we?)

  • Reliable ordering and delivery of consumables

  • A regular maintenance plan to keep your coffee machine in top condition

  • Ask how the coffee machine supplier provides emergency support if your machine ever breaks down.

Competitive purchase or leasing options.

A coffee machine is a significant investment so check if the coffee machine vendor is able to offer a good range of lease or purchase options.  Check that any lease agreements are competitive.

Coffee machine suppliers with a track record

Look for a coffee machine supplier that has a track record in the UK and internationally.  Check their website for named testimonials and ask for references from other customers in similar businesses to yours.

Does the coffee machine supplier care about your business long-term?

Does the supplier give the impression of wanting to help your business make a profit from the coffee machine, or are they just after a quick sale?  A good sign for the former is one that has invested in point of sales materials to help you sell more coffee to your customers.

Regional sales and service centres

We invite you to test how Espresso Essential measures up against this check list. 

Book a tasting demonstration from one of our mobile Smart Car demonstrators by ringing 0800 7312980 or clicking here and filling out the short contact form.