Venditalia is a Great Proving Ground for Espresso Essential

Venditalia is probably the most serious and talked about vending machine exhibition in Europe. Here at Espresso Essential, we are, as you might guess from our name, also very serious about the business of making and drinking coffee. It’s therefore only natural that a serious purveyor of real bean to cup coffee vending machines should be present to show off their wares at Europe’s premier vending industry exhibition.

Italy Home of Espresso

Italy is the mother of espresso coffee, so it stands to reason that the Venditalia exhibition should take place in Milan, one of Italy’s most significant and influential cities. Add to that the fact that Italy as a country are world leaders when it comes down to making vending machines, and hosting Venditalia here in Milan, becomes just plain, good old fashioned, common sense.


Of course Venditalia is all about the vending industry as a whole, be it confectionery, drinks, or food snacks. It’s where everyone who is anyone in the industry makes a bee line for, every May; and this year was no exception. Espresso Essential just had to have a presence there to air our profile and spread the good word about the fabulous real bean coffee vending machines that we offer to any commercial outlet looking to provide their clientele or staff with great tasting coffee.


Venditalia Website 


Competition Challenged

This year’s Venditalia was the biggest success yet in the 8 years since it was first launched. Over 98% of exhibitors announced that they were absolutely delighted with attendance, and said they would be sure to take part again next year. The staff that Espresso Essential sent to the exhibition were on a mission. Part of their duties were to find out how strong the competition was when it comes down to real bean to cup, self-serving vending machines - and you know what? As strong as the competition was, (and we’re talking super heavyweights here), not one company in our humble opinion, could match the coffee that our machines produce. Now, why is that?

Well it’s partly to do with the fact that the real coffee bean to cup vending machines that we bring to the marketplace, are the best of design. Instead of simply grinding the coffee beans, they rip them; a technique that most experts agree imparts maximum flavour.

Excellence in Packaging

It’s also to do with the fact that the coffee we supply with our bean to cup  vending machines is packaged there and then on the spot, almost immediately after the beans are harvested. But it’s also partly because of the unique way that the beans are then packaged. The bags that Espresso Essential use incorporate a unique one way breather system that allows the beans to breathe and keep harvest fresh, whilst not letting any of that great aroma escape until the hot water filtering through, releases their exquisite taste as the coffee pours into the cup.

But it’s not just the fact that an Espresso Essential real bean to cup self-service vending machine delivers the best tasting coffee – it does it at a great price too! And with the buy, lease, or rent options that we offer, anyone could be serving wonderful tasting coffee, at minimum cost, allowing them to make a good profit right from the start.

You can sample some great tasting coffee at Venditalia, but none as good as the coffee produced by one of Espresso Essential’s real bean to cup vending machines. Italy, eat your heart out!


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