Give me a great cup of coffee!

Coffee made its way to the UK via Italy, and the first known coffee house in England opened in Oxford way back in 1650. The popularity of the aromatic drink grew so rapidly that within 25 years of that first shop opening, a further 3,000 had joined it across the country. Coffee had arrived!

This trend is still going strong, especially when it comes to a delicious cup of freshly roasted coffee. Anyone can make an instant cup, but coffee roasting is a special art. A good cup has the power to give you a great start to the day, a special after-dinner treat or an excellent social gathering with friends. A bad cup, however, can leave a very bitter taste in your mouth.

Excellent taste

But can you really get an excellent cup of coffee from a drinks vending machine? Well the coffee experts at Espresso Essentials would certainly claim to have pulled it off. Our state of the art coffee vending machines gently warm the freshly roasted coffee beans and then rip them rather than grinding them. Our coffee experts claim this is the key to the fresh, rich taste and aroma of the coffee our machines produce.

We particularly pride ourselves on the high quality of the espresso our machines make. Our espresso has a distinct flavour as a result of the way it is produced. It is made by forcing very hot water through the coffee beans at high pressure. This gives it a thick consistency, a delicate creamy head, and a strong, authentic flavour. The espresso comes in the classic short to give you a quick kick, or a longer version if you prefer to sit and think for a while as you drink.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to the type of coffee you prefer, and the same quality level pervades the full Espresso Essential range. The drink options include:

  • The cappuccino – made with one-third espresso and two-thirds of soft, frothy milk, which can be finished off with a dusting of chocolate or cinnamon if you so desire
  • The latte – made with one-third espresso and two-thirds of hot milk topped with a layer of frothy milk
  • The flat white – made with one third-espresso and two-thirds hot milk without any froth. A double shot flat white is also available for those in need of an additional burst of caffeine
And for those who don’t like coffee or like to mix it up a bit, our vending machines also deliver excellent chocolate lattes (replacing the coffee shot with a velvety chocolate one), gourmet hot chocolate made with boiling milk so that it brews to perfection and tea. You can stick to traditional types of tea or branch out into green tea, rooibos or fruit infusions.

The healthy bit

Furthermore, there’s good news for the weight-conscious among us. The milk used in our coffee machines is 99% fat free, so you can have as many cups as you like without worrying about piling on the pounds – provided you don’t add mounds of sugar that is!  Moreover, the lighter milk still delivers an exceptionally creamy taste, so you get the best of both worlds.

If you’re interested in giving our coffee machines a try, you can call us for a free tasting demonstration. We offer free installation and will train you and your staff, if applicable, how to use it. And within 48 hours of ordering one of our machines, you can have it delivered, installed and ready to roast.

Call us free on 0800 731 2980 or email for further information.

Delicious coffee ready to take away
Coffee in an insulated paper cup to take away

We invite you to test how Espresso Essential coffees taste. 

Book a tasting demonstration from one of our mobile Smart Car demonstrators by ringing 0800 7312980 or clicking here and filling out the short contact form.