The Art of Roasting Coffee Beans

Coffee drinking has been practised the world over for centuries. Although the exact date of the first ever brew cannot be reliably recounted, it all may have started back in the ninth century with an Ethiopian goat herder who went under the name of Kaldi.

Having witnessed how pepped up his goats become after eating a certain red berry, young Kaldi promptly took some of the berries to his tribe’s elders who instantly denounced them, throwing them into a fire. But when the delicious aroma emanated forth, its exotic smell made them hurriedly retrieve the roasted berries from the ashes, and pouring on water to cool them down, the first ever cup of coffee came into being.


From That First Taste...

Whilst this tale may be somewhat apocryphal, it’s an enchanting story, and one which may well be responsible for the discovery of what is today, one of the world’s favourite hot beverages.

Coffee making has come a long way since those very early days; I wonder what Kaldi’s tribe would make of today’s modern coffee vending machines? A gift from the gods maybe – especially the new real bean automatic coffee vending machines that Espresso Essential has brought out!


New Real Bean Vending Machine

Espresso’s new real bean vending machine have taken the art of coffee making to the next level. No more tasteless, powdered coffee; these boys use only the real McCoy – a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans grown and harvested in Brazil, India, and Kenya, then roasted for 30 to 35 minutes at 200 degrees, to give them the right colour and depth of flavour that produces some of the best tasting coffee anywhere in the world.

Once a nation of tea drinkers, more and more people here in the UK are waking up to the unique aroma and taste that a great cup of coffee provides, and with more and more establishments cottoning on to the idea of welcoming in members of the public with a great tasting expresso, latte, or cappuccino, Espresso’s real bean vending machines are in great demand.



But it’s not just the fact that their machines make taste bud tingling coffee; by destoning the coffee before it gets bagged, this helps to protect and elongate the life of their coffee machine vending grinders, resulting in less maintenance required, and a drastic reduction in the incidences of breakdowns.

And if that’s not enough, the roasted, destoned coffee beans are then vacuum packed in unique bags that contain a special one-way breather hole that allows the beans to breathe, whilst not allowing in any oxygen. The result is that you can guarantee that Espresso’s magical  roasted coffee beans, are in effect never any older than 14 days, and they taste and smell as divine as they did when they came out of the roaster!

So in all:

  • destoned prior to bagging
  • elongated life of machines
  • less maintenance
  • vacuum packed for freshness
  • excellent taste


Anyone wishing to order Espresso Essentials best roast coffee beans can expect delivery within 48 hours by DHL, straight to their door.


Roasting coffee is an art in itself, and Espresso has repositioned the bar at a height that many wannabe copyists will be trying to emulate for years. So the moral of the story is, if you want the best roasted coffee beans for your real coffee bean automatic vending machine, accept nothing less - go for Espresso Essential.