Types of Commercial Coffee Machines from Espresso Essential

Commercial coffee machines come in all different sizes and there are types to suit every business use and budget.  Prices vary widely and there are so many products that it is often difficult to decide which commercial coffee machine to invest in.

Coffee machines are often categorised by suppliers in the following ways:

  • the type of coffee they provide – filter, espresso, cappuccino, instant, bean to cup, etc
  • by the number of cups they produce in an hour or day – 20-50, 50-150, 150+
  • by method of coffee delivery– barista machines, automatic coffee machines, coffee vending machines
  • who they are designed for – domestic coffee machines, commercial coffee machines, office coffee machines etc
  • features of the machine- such as one touch operation, water container or plumbed to the mains water supply
  • purchase type– does the customer want to lease, rent or buy a coffee machine?
  • price

Often, of course, these categories combine when it actually comes to finding a coffee machine for business use, so you might want to lease a bean to cup, commercial coffee machine that is ideal for a busy bar with a water container for under £3000.  It can take a long time to trail through catalogues or websites to find all the relevant information you need to make a purchase or lease.

Espresso Essential recognises that this can be a problem and offers this advice for people looking for commercial coffee machines.

1.   Decide where you want to site the coffee machine

This is often dependant on where the water supply is in your premises.  Many commercial coffee machines require a plumbed water supply – always the best option if circumstances allow.  If not, check to see if there is a model with water container option, then you can site the machine where you like.


2.   Be clear about the clientele you serve

What coffee will customers want to drink and will they pay a premium for good quality?  If so, at what level?

  • Barista machines are often the most expensive option and deliver the most delicious coffees, espresso, cappuccino etc. But they are also the most time consuming for staff in terms of operation and cleaning. If this is a problem for your business, then a bean to cup vending machine or automatic coffee machine may suit your business needs better. The coffees taste nearly as good as a barista machine, cost less and staff save huge amounts of time.  This is especially important in cafes where there are not many staff on duty or in very busy restaurants and fast food outlets or in any business where selling coffee is a secondary income stream. 
  • Small commercial coffee vending machines are now available for countertop or freestanding use and offer the option of free vend models for staff operation or coin or card slots for customer self service.  The advantage of vending machines is that they can deliver a wide range of coffees straight into the cup.  Many automatic coffee machines still require you to move the cup to another nozzle to add froth.

3.   Do you know how many cups you want to serve in a day?

If only a few, a filter coffee maker or one cup espresso machine may well be your best bet. For less than 20 cups per hour an espresso machine or automatic coffee machine is ideal.  For over twenty cups per hour you can go for a barista machine if you have someone dedicated to coffee serving or a commercial coffee vending machine if staff are required to do other tasks as well.

Espresso Essential specialises in commercial coffee machines for businesses where staff need to be released to serve customers and clients.  Our commercial vending machines are compact, durable and produce delicious coffees at the touch of a button.  They are economical to run and many of our clients report that they add a significant, profitable income stream to their business whether this is in the catering trade or not.  We have recently installed vending machines in the Travel lodge chain of hotels.

To view the range of commercial coffee vending machines from Espresso Essential click here.