Easy Coffee Machine Rental

Our coffee machine rental packages are used by businesses throughout the UK that require longer, fixed term contracts. Espresso Essential’s clients include schools, restaurants, bars and cafes, hair and beauty salons, offices, travel lodges, service stations and sports and leisure clubs.

Rent to own packages mean that you own the coffee machine at the end of the rental period. 

Rent a coffee machine

  • You choose how long the contract is to run - from 1 to 3 years
  • Pay monthly
  • Trade in your old coffee machine when you receive your new one from us

The benefits of coffee machine rental from Espresso Essential:

  • No up front costs - giving access to the coffee machines and coffees straight away
  • Straight forward budgeting – rent to own from as little as £35 per week
  • Reduced tax liability on profits as rental payments are treated as operating costs
  • Use your working capital in other areas, instead of on the one off purchase of a coffee machine
  • Spread the cost of payment over the life of the goods, reflecting the machine’s usage
  • Easily replace your coffee machine when the rental contract expires on your current Espresso model
  • Alternatively, at the end of the rental period, you own your machine outright. No need to renew your contract with us, no need to pay for another machine.
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