Criteria for leasing a coffee machine

If you’re thinking of leasing a coffee machine, there are several basic criteria you will need to adhere to. But don’t panic, providing you have the necessary paperwork, you’ll have it all up and running before you can say “cappuccino, macchiato”.

So here is everything you need to know about getting your lease up and running:

  • If your business has been trading for more than three years, you simply need to be a homeowner (and have the necessary paperwork to prove it) in order to apply for your coffee machine lease
  • If your firm has been in business for less than three years, you will still need to be a homeowner, but you will also need to provide copies of your business bank statements for the previous two years
  • If you are a relatively young business and have only been going for a year, you will need to be a homeowner, and you will also need to provide us with the business bank statements you have along with your first trading accounts

As with most leases, a series of credit checks will be carried out. The cleaner your credit history, the simpler the process of leasing a coffee machine will be. If you have any adverse credit history, this may delay the process or even prevent you from hiring one of our machines. The best way to prepare for taking out a lease is to ensure that your business bank statements are readily available and that your accounts are in order. 


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Feel free to discuss any issues or questions you might with one of our trained advisors by calling Espresso Essentials on 0800 731 2980. We will talk you through the leasing process and make it as easy as possible for you to hire one of our high-quality coffee machines.

Then, when the paperwork is done, you can just sit back and taste the coffee.

Coffee Vending Machine Lease Criteria

It is still possible to get a Coffee Machine Lease if you meet the following criteria:

Special Offer for New Start Businesses

  • All that is required to obtain a lease is that you are a home owner.
  • Personal bank statements may be needed.