Office Coffee Machines used by Urbis

Office coffee machines to rally your troops!

Our range of stylish office coffee machines is ideal for any size of office, staff canteen or factory floor.  The compact, counter top machines are cost effective for offices requiring only  20 - 30 cups a day  or the free standing coffee stations serve up to 200 cups an hour.   Either way your staff, customers and visitors will enjoy the delicious taste of freshly-made real bean coffee and gourmet hot chocolate.

Range of delicious drinks delivered quickly.

Espresso Essential’s office coffee machines are all gourmet bean to cup machines, using top quality coffee beans from around the world. Your office staff will find the coffee house taste a pleasure.  Great for keeping them working productively in the office rather than going across the road mid-morning for a coffee break and it will save them pounds each week.

Each office coffee machine produces delicious latte, cappuccino, espresso and mochaccino coffees at the touch of a button, so staff will not be waiting for ages at the coffee machine! With up to 11 different drinks options, including hot water for tea and  high quality hot chocolate, our office coffee machines will keep your staff satisfied.

Stylish Compact Design

Your office environment is important.  So one of these quiet stylish stainless steel  machines in the office or standing next to reception will look just the part.  Do away with the untidy corner of the office with the kettle, unwashed cups and old bottles of milk.  Serve the coffee in our disposable insulated cups or use your own mugs or cups and saucers to treat your visitors.

Easy to look after

What’s more, you will not be giving your office staff extra work in the form of daily cleaning rotas. These coffee machines just need a quick weekly clean and top up with ingredients.

Economic for your office - buy or lease from £35 per week

Your new office coffee machine can be surprisingly cost effective using our tax efficient business lease options. Each comes with  free installation, training and excellent after sales service throughout the UK. You can choose whether to charge  your staff for each cup with the optional coin slot.  Our own brand ingredients are economical and easy to order with a quick phone call.

Espresso Essential has established itself as the brand of choice for offices across the UK and Australia.

The next step to choosing your office coffee machine is to either watch the video or click on the box on the right to view the range of machines.

Then order up one of our fleet of Smart car demonstrators, each installed with one of our tiny Bambino office coffee machines, and let your colleagues taste the range of drinks before you make your decision.

Range to suit any size of business

  • Real bean coffees
  • Gourmet hot chocolate
  • Hot water for tea
  • Economical to run
  • Easy to maintain
  • 10% discount when bought with a credit card
  • Order by 31st October for 500 free drinks!
 Automatic Coffee Machine

500 cups free with your office coffee machine