Automatic Coffee Machines for Sandwich bars

Coffee Vending Machines for Sandwich Bars and Delis

Serve your customers delicious coffee quickly.

When there is a breakfast or lunchtime rush, you need a coffee vending machine that delivers dark, rich coffees and hot chocolates without taking ages.  Serve your customers great coffee efficiently and they will wait a little longer for their bacon baps and paninis and come back again tomorrow!

Durable, quick and easy!

Espresso Essential coffee vending machines:
  • Deliver up to 11 different hot drinks, each within 25 seconds
  • Are robust, reliable and hand built in Italy
  • Are simple to use, thanks to the one touch operating systems
  • Can be free vend or coin operated - for staff or customer operation
  • Are easy to maintain - no daily milk unit cleaning

Watch your hot drinks revenue grow!

An automatic coffee vending machine represents a significant investment for your business.  It needs to be a profitable one.   At a recommended retail price of £1.50, Espresso Essential coffee machines can reward your business with £500 profit after selling 20 cups a day for a month and £2000 profit if you sell over 70 cups per day.   Profits rise as the number of cups sold per day increases.

Espresso Essential’s coffee vending machines are already operating in sandwich bars like yours throughout the UK so don't delay...use the box on the right to tell us how many cups of coffee you need per hour and we will show you the correct machine for you.


Select how many drinks you serve per hour so that we can recommend the right machine for you.